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Posted on 08-10-2015

Arthritis is a very common problem for older dogs and cats.They can exhibit many different clinical signs associated with that disease. One very common clinical sign is decreased mobility and behaviors caused by pain. Dogs often pant, pace, decrease their appetite and increase water consumption. Cats just seem to be more lazy and not want to jump up on things as much as they used to. There are excellent medications to control the pain associated with arthritis but an even safer way to control arthritis is to put them on joint supplements. This can be as simple as giving a pill daily or putting a powder on their food daily. We sell a product called Dasuquin. We used to sell Cosequin, but found it's a little less expensive to feed Dasuquin. We've had great response from this product, and clients tell us that their pets tolerate it very well. This product works by creating an environment in the joint that causes the cartilage surfaces to regenerate. Therefore, you're treating the disease, and not the clinical signs associated with the disease. It's a much more effective and safer way to control this disease. There are also diets that you can put your pets on that will do the same thing. A diet that I recommend is made by Royal Canin, and it is called mobility support. It's for dogs only. Call Westwood if you have any questions!     Dr. Biles

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