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Stem Cell Therapy

Westwood is now proud to offer stem cell therapy for your dogs and cats. It is a great substitute for expensive, long term medications that can cause harmful side effects. 

This treatment is recommended for patients with arthritis, dysplasia, luxating patella, torn tendons, joint disease, torn cruciate ligaments and many other disorders. Studies have also shown it to help with immune diseases as well.

Stem cell therapy is a three step treatment that involves an initial exam with bloodwork and radiographs followed by a routine procedure where Dr. Biles will anesthetize your pet and take a sample of fat. From there we send the fat sample to Vet-Stem where they harvest the stem cells received and within a day they send us syringes of your pet’s stem cells for injection.  

The procedure to remove the fat to be harvested lasts about thirty minutes and your pet will come home with pain medications. Two days later your pet will come back to be anesthetized to have the stem cells injected into the joint cavity as well as into the blood stream.

Stem-cell therapy has an 80% success rate and can be done multiple times throughout a patient’s life. Vet-Stem stores your pet’s stem cells for a year at no cost. After that year there is an additional fee. This storage allows us to receive stem cells without having to do a fat harvest again. 

Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Biles to see if Stem-Cell therapy is a suitable solution to your pets problems. 

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